Year 73 - Vol.57 - Num.3 April - June 2019

Psychiatric Neuroscience and Neuroscientific Psychiatry An Integrated heuristics of Clinical Practice.
Fernando Lolas
Original Works
Quality of life in patients with neurogenic dysphagia
Lilian Toledo, Rodrigo Tobar, Sara Tapia, Claudia Jofré, Viviana Lizama, Boris Luchsinger, Tamara Vásquez, Catalina Yalul et al
Systematic Reviews / Meta-analysis
Mood Disorders, Nutrition, and Craving
Luis Risco, Cristian Orus, Francisco Rojas
Clinical cases
Psycho-oncology in Advanced Cancer: CALM Therapy a Canadien psychological intervention
Paulina Troncoso, Anne Rydall, Gary Rodin
Solar Activity and hospitalizations for depressive episodes in Chile
Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic, Juana Villarroel
Optimization versus early Switching in monopolar depression: A comprehensive review of a clinical controversy.
Rodrigo Correa, Rodolfo Philippi
Moral Thought After Acquired Cerebral Damage
Carlos Ramos