Year 73 - Vol.57 - Num.3 April - June 2019

Psychiatric Neuroscience and Neuroscientific Psychiatry An Integrated heuristics of Clinical Practice.
Fernando Lolas ,
Original Works
Quality of life in patients with neurogenic dysphagia
Lilian Toledo, Rodrigo Tobar, Sara Tapia, et al
Systematic Reviews / Meta-analysis
Mood Disorders, Nutrition, and Craving
Luis Risco, Cristian Orus, Francisco Rojas,
Clinical cases
Psycho-oncology in Advanced Cancer: CALM Therapy a Canadien psychological intervention
Paulina Troncoso, Anne Rydall, Gary Rodin,
Solar Activity and hospitalizations for depressive episodes in Chile
Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic, Juana Villarroel,
Optimization versus early Switching in monopolar depression: A comprehensive review of a clinical controversy.
Rodrigo Correa, Rodolfo Philippi,
Moral Thought After Acquired Cerebral Damage
Carlos Ramos,