Year 75 - Vol.59 - Num.4 2021

Clinical cases
Meningeal Carcinomatosis, Secondary to metastatic melanoma - a Case Report
Francisca Iglesias, José Miguel Castellón, Grecia Castro, Catalina Silva
Non pharmacological Strategies in people suffering advanced dementia: Report of a case
Fabrizio Acevedo, Carolina Delgado, Gonzalo Farías
Letters to the Editor
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills in COVID-19 pandemic Context
Joshep Revilla, Lesly Vargas, Kalet Rojas, Edson Quintana, Franco Sotelo
Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse and its Relationship with Eating Disorders
Rosa Behar, Flora De la Barra
Quality of life and Alzheimer´s dementia – a new challenge
Gonzalo Klaassen, Enrique Werlinger, Loreto Contreras, Alexis González, Aldo Vera, Sergio Juica, Mario Fuentealba
Role of Placebos versus Antidepressants and Contribution to the Doctor-patient Relationship
Felipe León, Daniela Silva, José Villagrán
Speech disturbances analysis in ultra-high risk of psychosis (UHR): a systematic review.
Ignacio Olivares, Alicia Figueroa
Surgical treatment of low-grade epilepsy-associated with neuroepithelial tumors
Francisco Rojas, Viviana Venegas, Cecilia Okuma, Osvaldo Koller, Sonia Ponce de Leon, Carmen Olbrich, Mauro Medeiros
Unipolar mania: an Unavoidable Diagnosis: Case report and Literature Review
Felipe Vergara, Jennifer Green, Antonia Cooper
Research Articles
Cognitive Impairment in Urban/rural Populations of the Middle Altitude in Bolivia: Prevalence and Associated Factors
Christian Mejia, Eddy Cossio-Andia
Development and Psychometric Study of Early Punishment Susceptibility (EPSS)
Ferran Padrós, María Elena Guzmán
Use of Energy Drinks and Insomnia Symptoms in Medical Students from a Peruvian University
Marco Gonzalo Mendoza, Gonzalo Cornejo, Ali Al-kassab, Álvaro Andrés Rosales, Bruno Samir Chávez, Germán F. Alvarado