Year 76 - Vol.60 - Num.2 2022

Letters to the Editor
Impact of COVID-19 on Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Julio Velazco
Neurobiological Aspects in Affective and Social Decision Making and Influence of Stress: Potential Implications in Clinical Decision Making
Emilio González-Pablos, Agueda Muñoz , Juan Manuel Zevallos , Walter L. Arias , Juvenal Jara
Interpersonal Difficulties in Eating Disorders: An Explanatory/Comprehensive Psychoneurobiological Model
Maribel Chuquipalla , Ximena Alarcón
Tuning with others: The Polivagal Theory and the Psychotherapy Process
Mirta María Salazar, Rodolfo Philippi, Rodrigo Correa
Subdural empyema and its correlation with subdural hematomas a local experience and literature review
Nicole Commentz , Raúl Jara, Ángela Rocío Acero , Sandra Milena Toro , Lina María Ruiz
Research Articles
Correlation of Socio-Demographic Variables with levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress in University Students.
Álvaro Enrique Romero , Habibeh Yaver , Edgardo Alvarado-Carrasco, Alejandra Valenzuela-Leal, Varinia Leiva
Language Disorder of People with Schizophrenia and its Relationship with Severity and Functionality.
Patricia Rubí , Arlette Doussoulin , Ángela Pérez , Eduardo Salazar