Year 77 - Vol.61 - Num.2 2023

Clinical cases
Bacterial meningoencephalitis that was actually a pituitary apoplexy
Nazaret Peláez V., Eva María Negro M., Dennis Dunlop B.
Multiple border zone infarcts and encephalopathy as clinical presentation of COVID19 in a patient with CADASIL
Sheila Caba Q., Alex Espinoza G., Sebastián Bravo, Matías Molina, Federico Filippin
Letters to the Editor
Violence against children and its repercussions
Fabiana Silveira B., Alexandre Martins V.
Cognitive interventions through virtual reality in people with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Systematic Review
Pablo Roa E., Gabriela Nazar C., Fabiola Sáez D.
Neuropsychopathology and procrastination
José M. Bertolín-Guillén
Research Articles
Depression in Peruvian university students during the COVID-19 pandemic
Carla Estrada-Ancajima
Psychometric Analysis of the Childhood Anxiety Sensitivity Index in Elementary School Students from Arequipa City
Walter L. Arias-Gallegos, Renzo Rivera, Gabriela Leiva R., María Fernanda Costa G.
Sociodemographic and clinical characterization in hospital discharges of patients diagnosed with epilepsy Chile 2015-2019. Hospital discharges due to epilepsy in Chile
Vilma Martínez-Hernández, Romina Mora-Salgado, Patricio Oliva-Moresco, Jacqueline Araneda-Flores