Year 78 - Vol.62 - Num.1 2024

The mystery of Depression.
Luis Risco N.
Clinical cases
Acute transverse Myelitis associated with Covid-19. Case Report.
Victoria Montero R., Camilo Sepulveda S., Pamela Navarrete J., Julio Vargas O., David Saez M.
Borderline Personality Disorder and Filicide: A case report.
Alexandre Martins Valenca, Lisieux Elaine de Borba Telles, Antonio Geraldo da Silva, Alcina Barros, Antonio Egidio Nardi
Letters to the Editor
Addictions and dependencies in the digital agora: From Neurosciences towards healthy communication
Manuel Cortes C., Fernando Seymour D.
Investigation Article
Mental illness and mental health problems: a critical analysis of reports on the relationship between covid-19 and depression.
Alvaro Cavieres F., Pablo Lopez S.
Beethoven and his nepheew: The danger that is the other.
Gustavo Figueroa C.
About a case of excoriative disorder: Brief review of the literature.
Claudia Gutarra R., Magnolia Pizarro B., Edith Figueroa R., Lizardo Cruzado D.
Evaluation of convergent and discriminant validity of an online screening protocol for the detection of mild cognitive impairment in elderly people in Chile.
Nieves Schade Y., Catalina Poblete G., Yaranay Lopez A., Antonio Sanchez C., Lizbeth De la Torres
Peer-support groups for survivors of suicide attempt (SOSA): Systematic review.
Carolina Inostroza R., Dany Fernandez V., Yanet Quijada I., Claudio Bustos N., Francisca Rubio R., Vasily Buhring S., Belen Vargas G.
Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension Syndrome. An Update.
Carlos Silva R., Natalia Pozo C., Heather Angus L., Alonso Quijada R., Gabriel Abudinen A., Nelson Barrientos U.
Clozapine-Induced Myocarditis: A review and Screening protocol.
Jesus Yanez B., Beatriz Placencia G., Sergio Ruiz D., Antonio Baena B., Jose Manuel Gonzalez M.
The forgotten history of Alzheimers: remembering Oskar Fischer
Gemelly Sanchez V., Narda Rativa H., Jorge Gonzalez H., Teresita Ramos F., Carlos Miranda B., Tomas Leon R.
Relationship between UGT and HLA genetic variants and adverse events associated with the use of lamotrigine. Systematic review.
Gloria Preciado Correal, Manuel Machado D., Lilian Torres T., Sandra L. Rodriguez P.