Year 73 - Vol.57 - Num.4 July 2019

Clinical cases
Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome secondary to drugs: case report
Eliseo Barral , Gina Marcolin, Alberto Surur, Carlos Federico Buonanotte,
Protocol proposal for comatose patients after suffering a severe traumatic brain injury
Noel Roig-Marín,
Research Articles
Factors associated with depression in doctors who will work in rural areas of Peru.
Cristian R., Verónica Vega, Yanina Jiménez,
Treatment-resistant schizophrenia: definitions and implications of the concept of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia
Benjamín Pizarro, Óscar Waissbluth, Álvaro Cavieres,
Prevalence of etiological agents of acute bacterial meningitis in adult population at the Quillota's San Martin Hospital between years 2012-2018.
Juan Pablo Scarella, José Andrés Cubillos, Camila Garrido,
The Effects of Spasticity on Motor Recovery After a Stroke
Arlette Doussoulin, Claudia Rivas, José Bacco,
Social Cognition: Concepts and Neural Bases
Tomás Labbé, Ethel Ciampi, Javiera Venegas,
Mother/daughter attachment and its relationship with body dissatisfaction, aesthetic models and eating behaviors
Paula Lizana, Fernanda Díaz-Castrillón, Rosa Behar,