Year 75 - Vol.59 - Num.1 2021

Research Articles
Asymptomatic inflammatory hepatopathy associated to use of Mirtazapine: Case Report
Glauco Vadivieso
Autoimmunity, Seizures and Epilepsy: a brief systematic review
Emma Krögh, Camilo Urzúa, Tomás Labbé, Juvenal Ríos
Analysis of the demand for care in a psychiatric emergency room and an acute inpatient unit in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Luz María Solari, Ana Pérez, Elena Gil, Pablo Of the Sol, Belén Sanz-Aranguez, Lydia Gayubo, Rosario Of Arce
Adaptation and implementation of "Planet Youth Substance Use Prevention Model" in Chile
Nicolás Libuy, Carlos Ibañez, Viviana Guajardo, Ana María Araneda, Lorena Contreras, Paula Donoso, Adrian P.
Secondary Psychosis Due To Meningioma. A Review About A Case
Mauro Medeiro, Sergio Bazaes, Felipe Quintanilla, Hernán Acevedo, Joaquín Vallejos
Trend of hospitalizations in the Short Stay of Psychiatry Unit at Herminda Martin Clinical Hospital, for 14 years.
Lilian Salvo, Pilar Gallardo
Psychopathological and sociodemographic analysis of hospitalized patients for suicide attempt in a Chilean public hospital: An analytical cross-sectional study
Rebeca Núñez, Marcelo Arancibia, Reginald Rees